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For Africans By Africans (F.A.B.A) brand was launched by Africans Attire late in December 2017 . WE ARE AN ONLINE SHOP. HEAD OFFICE OPEN NOW
202 Monte Carlo, 14 Voortrekker Road, Kempton Park, JohannesburgOpen 24 hours

Who is AfricanSAttire? What do they do?

Africans Attire  is a Unique-Genuine-Original Modern South African Family Fashion & Home Decor eCommerce shop that blends natural African images into their designs.

Born in 2009 the team of 4 former University of Cape graduates found their common interests in Hip Hop & Dancehall (Reggae) and ended up creating Don Syl Tic Von - which was well known for its 3D Apparel designs a niche that is currently being explored by Africans Attire but using unique African Images.

Started selling beautiful handmade beanies and scarfs during the South Africa hosted 2010 Soccer World Cup.It is during this time that AfricanSAttire (formely Don Syl Tic Von - 3D Apparel) introduced T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Vests, Pullovers, Dresses and Caps as recommended by our customers who really enjoyed the winter beanies' comfort and funny designs , 'we made more sales that we anticipated' recalls one of the existing co-founders of this University of Cape Town born and bred business idea.

'We were all born listening to Ragga and now we all love Hip Hop. So why not fuse the two into somethng unique' says Chris Tichah G  Global President of the Africans Attire group which exports most of their products to the USA, Scandinavia countries , Germany, Sweden & Russia.

Africans Attire has since grown beyond being called a brand...We are a Life-Style.

So how we do it?

Africans Attire designs the outfits in the Gauteng Design centre based in Johannesburg South Africa.

We use latest technologies that we have strategically acquired through our print partners scattered across the globe to enable us the flexibility to design and print close to you our customers.

Using artificial intelligence software we are able to design centrally in Johannesburg print your African Attire at our print centre geographicaloy located in your area.

We do not bulk produce Africans Attire products you see on our stores are either new or have been ordered before. So what are you waiting for? Send your order to

Don Syl Tic Von - 3D Apparel Manufacturing

Most of Africans Attire customers are small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs either interested in buying and reselling our quality attire or having their unique images printed on the outfits. Visit our HOW page to learn about various options to start your own brand using Africans Attire plat form. 

Our customers make most of their sales during this festive Christmas period and we would like you to also join a list of global small businesses getting all the business with our trending Africans Attire some which including well known big retailers like Jet, Ackermans and many more who are reselling some of our popular Africans Attire. 

Our collection includes : 

1. T-Shirts

2. Hoodies

3. Caps

4. Pullovers 

5. Sweatshirts

7. Trunk Tops and more 


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202 Monte Carlo, 14 Voortrekker Road
Kempton Park
South Africa
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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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Open 24 hours
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